6 tips for the flagship store displays


With the development of the times, the requirements for the design of custom-made store showcases are getting higher and higher. While meeting the high requirements of the store showcase design, how to ensure that the functions of the store showcase design are more reasonable and beautiful? The following focuses on the store Fang Cheng Craft, the manufacturer of showcase design, will share with you six considerations in the showcase design of the store:


1. The design and manufacture of display cabinets in specialty stores must be careful and cannot be easily changed.

The design and production of display cabinets in specialty stores must be comprehensive and thoughtful. Once the design of the showcase is discussed and approved, do not change it easily, especially in the later stage. The change may delay construction, increase costs, and even affect opening. Budgets are often the source of conflict. There can be a big gap between budget and design. As a store showcase designer, we must accept the budget realistically and do a good job of designing within the budget. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify budget standards, control expenditures, arrange all display items and standards for specialty store showcases in advance, and do a good job in the design and construction of specialty store showcases within the budget.


2. Exclusive store The design of the showcase is simple and straightforward.

A simple and clear store showcase design is the best way to attract visitors. Most people can only accept limited information at a moment. Customers go in a hurry, and they won’t be interested if they don’t get a clear message in a flash. Photos, diagrams and captions should be clear and concise. Designs and decorations that have nothing to do with the contents of the store’s showcase should be minimized.


3. Focus on the design of the store’s display cabinet.

The store showcase should have a center and focus. The focus of the showcase can attract attention. The choice of emphasis should be consistent with the purpose of the showcase of the specialty store, which is generally a best-selling product or the most important product or valuable product. Highlight the key points by location, layout, and lighting. On the other hand, use appropriate colors, charts, and arrangements to create a unified impression in a coordinated manner.


4. The design of the showcase of the specialty store should be unique.

The distinctive store display cabinet design can attract more customers, and the design must be unique and novel in line with the commercial image of the product.


5. The design of the store showcase should be from the perspective of the target audience.

The success of a specialty store depends largely on the interest and reaction of the audience. The design of the showcase must take into account factors such as human purpose, emotions, interests, perspectives, and responses. From the perspective of the target audience, it is easy to attract the attention and resonance of the target audience and leave a deep impression on the target audience.


6. The design of the showcase should take into account space considerations.

Showcase designers also need to consider the number of store employees and the number of customers they can accommodate. The inefficiency of crowded storefronts can cause some target audiences to lose interest. In turn, vacant storefronts will have the same effect. In this regard, the main factor of the store area is whether it is a large and spacious area or a small area of ​​space. We should design according to the specific status of the store and make full use of the characteristics of the status quo to design a unique and individual specialty store showcase floor layout.

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Post time: Jan-10-2020
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