What is the regular size of the display cabinet?

According to different uses, many problems need to be paid attention to in the production of display cabinets. How to choose a suitable display cabinet? here is the basic commens.

1. Display cabinets and display racks placed against the wall. The back plate is opaque and can be selected from the same color, white (referral) and mirror surface as the cabinet. The top can be equipped with light box pieces, and the lamps in the cabinet can be selected from fluorescent lamps, spotlights, and LED spotlights. The height of the light box on the top is in a class of 1800-4000mm, and the display cabinets with a height below 1800 are not suitable for the top light box. The depth is usually 350-400mm. If a larger volume is displayed, the depth can be 400mm.


2. Wooden display cabinet, wooden paint display cabinet. It is the most commonly used display cabinet in modern shopping malls. This type of display cabinet is usually customized, and various specifications and styles of display cabinets can be manufactured according to design requirements. Pay attention to the texture and lacquer of the wood when buying. The wooden display cabinets have more careful textures such as: wood, yingmu, oak, and the coarser textures include ash and pine. Baking paint also has matt, semi-matt and bright. The lacquer quality includes wood grain open paint, wood grain varnish, monochrome matt paint, monochrome gloss paint, high-grade piano paint, etc. Wooden display cabinets and wooden paint display cabinets are high-end display cabinets, which are generally used in high-end display areas and high-end merchandise display. The display cabinets should be connected to the entire display space and the display results.


3. Counter display cabinet. The common height is around 950mm-1000mm, which is mostly used in large shopping malls, specialty stores or stores. The width is between 1000-1500mm, and the depth is between 500-600mm. There are a variety of front-pull and back-pull types, which can be determined according to the needs of the exhibition. The height of the display cabinet that can be viewed by the customer when standing is usually 1300-1800mm. When the top is equipped with a light box or the brand LOGO, the ordinary height of this part is controlled between 150-200mm. If no light box is installed on the top, the general height of the display cabinet is between 1500 and 1700mm. The height of the display cabinets and display racks that customers sit or bend down to watch is generally between 800-1000mm, and the shape can be designed as a display cabinet style or square, round, polygonal, etc.


4. Square vertical display cabinet, display stand. Usually four-sided transparent glass. The 400 * 400mm display cabinet is more suitable for displaying jewelry, jewelry, watches, mobile phones and other items. The 500 * 500mm display cabinet is used to display larger items such as gifts, wall clock jewelry, handicrafts, electronic products, pens, tobacco and alcohol, as well as display cabinets of larger specifications suitable for larger commodity displays.


5. All glass display cabinet, acrylic display cabinet. This kind of display cabinet is very transparent, and can display the products in three dimensions. The specifications can be determined according to the size and type of the goods. Such as crafts, large jade articles, exhibits, etc. When buying, pay attention to the strong and careful bonding of glass and acrylic. The appearance of glass and acrylic is not scratched, and the edging is average.


6. Display cabinet with aluminum alloy frame and stainless steel frame. The available colors are matte gold, snow white, black, white, magenta, gray and other colors, and can also be customized according to the color samples required by the customer. Common gold or metallic objects with more matte black are more used, leather products, tobacco, wine, porcelain, handicrafts, etc. with gold frame with more black plate. The choice of color depends on the customer ’s mountain commodity requirements. In addition, the color temperature of the light source in the display cabinet is generally between 2700k and 6400k. The color temperature is low, the light is yellow or red, the color temperature is high, and the light is white and dazzling. Ordinary jewelry and jewelry require higher color temperature and illuminance, while ordinary handicrafts (leather, etc.) department stores require lower color temperature.


Post time: May-18-2020
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