Why do clothing showcases have to be sealed?

The clothing showcase is a container for displaying clothing. The materials mainly include medium fiberboard, commonly known as MDF, fireproof board, acrylic board, transparent crystal board, etc. Easy to disassemble, transport, etc. The colors are golden, silver, matte black, pink, gray and many other colors. Light boxes can be installed on the top, fluorescent lights, spotlights and fluorescent boxes on the top. There is no fixed standard, and it can be used as a standard style or special-shaped display cabinet depending on the needs of the goods and the location of the ground. The back panel of the display cabinet placed against the wall is an opaque panel, and the same color, white color or mirror surface as the cabinet body can be selected.

Because people demand good quality, brand store, distinctive, unique and novel clothing, clothing is an indispensable part of people’s life, so the sales of clothing is also greatly improved, as one of the equipment for clothing display. Therefore, the clothing showcase is particularly important for its setting and highlighting.


Display cabinet manufacturers are making garment showcases, generally using paints and clothing display racks, designing different showcases in different areas, showing different garment showcases, visually looking more neat and beautiful. The wood of the garment showcase is made of density fiberboard and is made by baking paint. The appearance looks more lustrous and beautiful.


The production of garment showcases is the same as that of furniture. It is essential for the selection of materials, and each material must meet the standards, such as plates, paints, curing agents, and even seals used on corners. Side bars and screws must be of standard quality to make a good showcase. It is precisely because of this that the garment showcase design and production staff must carry out careful design analysis and research before production to ensure that the design is reasonable, and the materials to be selected must be in line with the actual use of the market, and the quality must be good.

In life, the details determine success or failure, so the details of the clothing showcase are also important, the details determine the characteristics of the entire store clothing, the following is a small version of the Swiss brand to share with you, the importance of clothing showcase sealing.

If the clothing showcase is not covered, it will have a burr, it will slide to the customer’s skin, and even hang on the line of clothing. The edge banding is the edge of the machine, which is both beautiful and perfect. So don’t ignore the details of the edge banding.

Post time: Jul-23-2019
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